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Today’s workforce has a different expectation for learning and training. They don’t read manuals or like sitting in long, generalized classes. Instead, when they need to learn, they search for a video, watch it, then ask some questions. But most enterprises either rely on more traditional LMS based approaches to corporate development or have used video in more of an ad hoc fashion, with limited abilities to measure its effectiveness.

As a result, companies are not seeing as much value from the formalized learning programs and continue to struggle to engage employees, putting workforce quality, productivity, and development at risk.

KZO Innovations offers an alternative. We provide an enterprise video suite that makes it easy to create and annotate video content for just-in-time learning. Once created, employees can quickly find the content they need using our rich search capabilities or by embedding it directly in the applications they use everyday. The content can be accessed from any device and it is easy for employees to have conversations about the content to quickly get clarifications on questions they may have. All of these activities are easily tracked so that the effectiveness of the content and overall effort can be analyzed and improvements made when necessary.

Organizations that have turned to KZO are seeing engagement rise and a workforce that embraces learning as part of their daily work activities. We look forward to helping you next!


KZO Innovations provides a SaaS based Enterprise Video Platform that allows its customers to create, manage and deliver video in a secure manner with a focus on e-Learning and Corporate communications. Supporting large global corporations, our platform employs powerful search, collaboration and seamless integration to any LMS or content destination allowing our users to access content that matters to them for just in time learning.

We are headquartered in Reston, Virginia; however, some of our job opportunities are virtual. Please look at the job openings, review them for your “fit”, and submit your materials so that we can contact you about a possible role with our company.


If you’re an experienced software engineer who’s looking to lead a team of developers through the development cycle — from architectural design to implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance — we have an excellent opportunity for you to join our team. Click to learn more about this opportunity.


Are you a sales professional with a passion for software and success?  If so, we have an exceptional opportunity for you on the sales team for our well-established product line. We are expanding and are looking to grow our team by adding exceptional people. Click to learn more about this opportunity.

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Video is the New Norm. Managing Video is a Competitive Advantage.

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