3 Tips on How to Integrate Video into Training and Communication Programs

One key to any successful organization is strong communication. Companies that employ the strongest communication are over 50% more likely to impart below average turnover levels. Communication also has an impact on employee motivation. A study revealed that 18% of absence rates was due to subpar communication practices. And it’s all about the bottom line, right? Businesses that excel in communication experience 30% higher market valuation compared with businesses that could not establish strong communication practices.

Speaking of the bottom line, training costs have become astronomical. In the sales industry, for instance, US companies spend $5K per year on each employee. How effective has traditional training been? According to a report, 34% of trainees end up applying what they’ve learned one year after attending a one-and-done teaching seminar.

One-and-done training and poor communication aren’t getting it done for today’s companies. That is why video is becoming increasingly vital to the health of enterprises. Embrace video and see better communication across all departments; AND see more effective and long lasting training results.

Here are 3 tips for integrating video into your training and communication programs.

1)   Gain full support from upper-management. 

The old perception is that bosses are stuck in their old ways, especially when it comes to technology. We suggest you present video from a standpoint of strategic gains, backed up by figures. For example, all bosses can get on board with cost cuts—so how about offering this stat: Video cuts nearly half the cost of training.

2)   Choose the right video platform.

See what’s out there and make the decision for yourself. Find the platform that meets your organization’s unique needs. For instance, here’s a comparison between what Corporate YouTube and KZO Video have to offer.  

3)   Get feedback from your audience.

As you’re phasing video content into your business, it’s important to make sure that it’s working. Establish an open line of communication for your employees and customers to provide feedback. That way you can constantly improve on your video product—both your training and marketing videos.

Do you have a pressing need to finally bring video solutions into your business? Try giving us a call at KZO Innovations—the experts at understanding you’re specific needs. Let’s figure out a plan together!

So now that you know how to successfully integrate video into training and communication programs, want to know more about Just-In-Time Learning? Download our data sheet below!



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