3 Enterprise Collaboration Tools That Encourage Social Communication (And How to Make Them Better)

By the end of last year, the use of social tools in the workplace had more than tripled, with more businesses using these tools for enterprise collaboration purposes. Our penchant for using these resources over more traditional methods like email or phone makes it easier for professionals to interact, connect, and communicate with their peers. Plus, many enterprise collaboration platforms mirror sites we use in our personal lives, like Facebook and Twitter, which makes navigating these platforms less intimidating.

Although these platforms are great on their own, integrating KZO’s video capabilities can make them better. Let’s look at three enterprise collaboration tools, how they encourage social communication, and what KZO can do to make the process even easier:

With 85 percent of Fortune 500 companies using the Facebook-like interface and Twitter-like communication, Yammer encourages professional communication and collaboration in a work setting. For example, users are able to create a profile, praise coworkers, add files or documents, and generally keep co-workers collaborating.

With The KZO Video Suite: KZO adds Yammer-like collaboration within a video. Just like Yammer provides the ability to engage professionals through its interface, KZO allows users to communicate inside the video (in real-time or on-demand), include accompanying documents, respond to polls, and answer quizzes. By linking KZO videos to Yammer, think of it as double the collaboration. Users can post a relevant video through Yammer and then interact with their peers within The KZO Video Suite.

Jive works similarly to Yammer in that it encourages teamwork through a user-friendly interface. Users can follow projects, create customized streams, track specific activities, and collaborate with each other using desktop apps.

With The KZO Video Suite: Oftentimes, team members post updates or pieces of content and then have trouble finding what they need later on. With KZO’s advanced video indexing tools, users are able to add videos to their Jive pages and streams and then search for content within Jive’s platform. So, if a user doesn’t want to view an entire presentation simply to find one quote they need, they can search for specific topics or keywords that will bring them to the material requested.

Chatter is the brainchild of Salesforce, which boasts 3 million subscribers. Chatter allows users to start real-time conversations, create groups, share files, get workflow approvals, and instant message team members. However, what happens when you want to get your point across to your team and written words aren’t cutting it? How can you ensure they are absorbing and retaining the information?

With The KZO Video Suite: When written words aren’t enough, you can use KZO video to communicate with your team. If a manager is in-between conferences and they’ve learned of an industry update, they can create a short video through KZO, implement collaboration functions, upload corresponding documents, and post the video into their Chatter stream. In doing so, a conversation is initiated in real-time. Plus, integrating video allows the manager to verbalize an update even if they are miles away, adding real enthusiasm and emotion to the conversation.

These enterprise collaboration tools have changed the way we communicate professionally. With the addition of KZO video in these platforms, the conversation is not only enhanced, but also provides for a more impactful user experience.

What do you think? How do you use these enterprise collaboration tools and video to encourage social communication?

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