Sneak Peak: What’s New for 2016 Sales Training

If you haven’t already started planning for 2016, there’s no time to waste. And, if you’ve already put some plans in place, there is always room for improvement, so let’s take a look at what innovations 2016 will bring to traditional sales training.

Videos: Public vs. Private

Industry forecasts predict that digital and video marketing will remain the frontrunners. But does your video marketing strategy align with your sales training plan? You cannot expect content created for your employees to satisfy customers or vice-versa.

Having a YouTube or Vimeo channel for your company is great. It is a wonderful way to launch new products and post big announcements, but isn’t necessarily the best way to train sales staff. The information that you must convey to your staff in order to sell a product will be vastly different than what you present to prospective buyers.  Implementing an integrated video system will allow you to effectively train sales team members via on-demand access to interactive training and educational materials. Video is an amazing way to share information, but unless you can easily customize, update, modify, and share it as needed, you are missing out on a huge training tool opportunity.

Accessibility and Just-in-Time

Statistics predict that by 2018 87% of users will watch videos on their mobile device (eMarketer). This means your employees will be watching more and more content on the go—a huge benefit to travelling sales professionals who must be able to access materials when and where they need them.

This is where “just-in-time” learning comes in. Just-in-time learning prescribes to the theory that employees have access to training as needed as opposed to at pre-scheduled times throughout the year. This approach allows people to get the critical information they need “on the spot” in order to optimally perform their job.

With information overload a real concern, this approach to video-based learning can help streamline training content. Your sales staff will be able to access and share information quickly and easily.  The high-level of personalization promotes targeted learning and personal interaction and through video.

Get Your Game On

Being the person who must create engaging training content is not an enviable task.  Although video learning has made huge strides in getting employees excited about training, thought leaders are always looking for the next big thing to help with retention. Gamification is the newest buzz word.

Gamification takes components of online gaming—such as leaderboards, badges, and challenges—and incorporates them into training. People tend to like learning that feels fun, and what’s more fun than “beating” your coworker at a task? Gamification embraces the human desires for socializing and friendly competition and uses them toward the end goal of education. Initial feedback is positive and points to a successful future when appropriately implemented into sales training (ResearchGate).

So, now that you have read how to improve and increase your traditional sales training next year, what strategies do you plan to implement? Need help planning a video training strategy? Contact KZO today for help.


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