INFOGRAPHIC: Victory Through Video

We know what the internet has done to make the world a very connected place. We know how mobile devices have granted us instant access to information. We are now entering a new phase of innovation — a phase where we are presenting information so that we reach people not only in real time and in any location but in a way that impacts them most. That’s where video comes in. 

KZO Innovations and its research partner are happy to present to you the infographic: Victory Through Video. This infographic categorizes compelling statistics in the following ways:

  • Evidence of how people learn better and faster with video
  • Trends showing how many people are consuming video
  • Video use cases that are changing the world from a global perspective
  • Business and purchasing trends that have resulted from use of video

This infographic is available for you now and for you to share. Take a look now and look forward to a four-part blog series that spotlights each section of this infographic. 

KZO Innovation_Final_REV

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How video content is revolutionizing learning