Data Sheets

  • Just In Time Learning Data Sheet

    Just-in-time learning is a philosophy which prescribes that employees should be provided with on the spot training as they perform tasks. The traditional training approach is for employees to take live or virtual classes and participate in formal training seminars throughout the year. An important component of the just-in-time learning philosophy is performance support. Performance support is anything that assists a worker in completing the job right at the point of action. Organizations can embrace both performance support and just-in-time learning to improve training for their employees.

  • Knowledge Management Data Sheet

    Today, the main goal of enterprise knowledge management is to gather and share knowledge from within an enterprise so, that employees can be effectively trained to do their jobs better. In other words, effective knowledge management can increase productivity.

  • KZO Video Security Data Sheet

    Today more companies are integrating video into their daily training and communication’s processes. While embracing video can streamline communications in the workplace, the proper precautions must be taken before using video to transmit sensitive information within and outside the company.

White Papers

  • 2014 Top 5 Technology Trends in Video

    Corporate video is becoming more important to the success of businesses. In just the past few years, video use changed dramatically. Consumers expect companies to have video available from the product introduction to the purchase. Employees also expect to have video available for learning, competitive updates and company announcements. This White Paper, “2014 Top 5 Technology Trends in Corporate Video” looks at the projections for corporate video in 2014.

  • Integrating Video into the Enterprise

    Integrating Video into the Enterprise outlines integrating video platforms into common enterprise applications including: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Learning Management Systems (LMS), social collaboration tools, and Talent Management Systems (TMS).

  • HTML5 White Paper: Impact on the Enterprise

    This White Paper is intended to give businesses an overview of HTML5 and address the benefits and challenges associated with the markup language. This will allow technology decision makers to assess how HTML5 should — or shouldn’t — be used to create and deliver Web content to their audiences.

Best Practices Guides

  • Uploading Video Content to KZO Video Suite

    The Best Practices Guide for uploading video content details our recommendations for uploading video to the KZO Video Suite, including acceptable video formats, encoding settings, and more.

  • Enhancing KZO Videos with Chapter Navigation, Search and Social Commenting Features

    The Best Practices Guide for enhancing video content outlines some best practices for getting the most out of the KZO Video Suite’s navigation and collaboration features.

  • Distributing Video Content with KZO Video Suite

    The Best Practices Guide for distributing video content provides an overview of the different ways in which you can share video content that is hosted on the KZO Video Suite for access on other websites or enterprise applications.

  • Best Practices for Screen Recording

    This guide provides tips for getting the best quality video using the KZO Video Suite’s screen recording software, as well as troubleshooting tips.

  • Best Practices for Screen Recording with Quicktime

    This guide provides tips for getting the best quality video using Quicktime’s screen recording feature, as well as troubleshooting tips.

  • Best Practice for Recording with GoToMeeting

    GoToMeeting is a powerful application from Citrix that allows users to remotely connect to meetings. Because it’s such a powerful business tool, KZO has detailed a Best Practice for uploading any GoToMeeting sessions to the KZO Video Suite.

  • Best Practices for Filming a Conference

    Filming live events is one of the most stressful things to do as a videographer. Since we have a lot of experience filming and streaming live events, we have a few tips for getting the best quality video.

  • Best Practice for Uploading Mobile Video

    Using your mobile device to record video? Great! Now what are you going to do with it? This best practice guide from KZO Innovations gives you what you need to know to efficiently make use of the videos you record using your mobile devices. 

  • Using KZO Videos in Articulate Storyline

    Do you use Articulate Storyline to create engaging content for your learners? It’s easy to add KZO video into any Storyline project by following these easy steps!

  • QR Code and KZO

    Learn how to generate your own QR Code from a specific moment-in-time within your KZO video.

KZO Video Suite Overview Documents

  • The KZO Video Suite Overview

    This document provides information about the basic features, enterprise use cases and benefits of using KZO Video Suite as a secure online video platform.

  • KZO and LMS Integration

    This document describes the various ways in which KZO Video Suite can be used in conjunction with any Learning Management System. It includes an explanation of the varying degrees of interoperability between KZO and an LMS, from out-of-the-box options through more extensive, customized integration.

  • KZO App for Overview

    This document provides an overview of the KZO Video Suite’s App for the CRM system

  • KZO Video Suite Technical Overview

    This document is an overview of the KZO Video Suite with a technical focus and is intended to explain the KZO application infrastructure, security and other specifications. The information contained here may be applicable during IT review or risk assessment or for users with a technical background in application development or IT infrastructure.

KZO Video Suite Manuals

  • KZO Video Suite Detailed User Manual

    This documentation will walk you through how to navigate and use a variety of features within the KZO Platform. Content includes: Logging In, Viewing Videos, Navigating to Different Video Sections, Starting and Participating In Discussions, Pinpointing an Area of the Screen,  Chatting with Others, Account Settings, Search and Offline Mode.

  • KZO Video Suite Admin User Manual

    The KZO Platform includes many administrative functions to help you manage and customize. Content includes: Administrator Panel, Producing and Uploading Content, Managing Content, Managing Groups, Managing Users, Platform Setting and Metrics.

  • KZO Video Suite Offline Player Manual

    The Offline Player Manual walks KZO users through the KZO Offline Player in order to view and collaborate low or no-bandwidth environments. Contents includes: Downloading the Player, Offline Availability, Syncing Content and Using the Offline Player.

  • KZO Video Suite Presenter Manual for Video Capture

    The KZO Presenter Manual gives KZO users an overview of using the KZO Presenter in online and offline modes, which is the video recording and voice-over desktop capture recording tool provided in the KZO Video Suite.

  • KZO Video Suite Content Moderation Manual

    A short one-page guide on using the Content Moderation features of the KZO Video Suite.

  • How to Use the Playlist Widget

    A short document detailing how to embed the KZO Playlist Widget into a web page.