Case Study: “Prospects Responded 3X More with KZO Drive”

“Prospects responded 3x more since we started incorporating KZO Drive in our sales process.”

— Dan Harding, Senior Director of Sales

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An industry pioneer, Virtuozzo developed the first commercially available container technology in 2001, which  today is used by over 700 service providers, independent software vendors and enterprises to enable over 5 million virtual environments running mission-critical cloud workloads.

Virtuozzo’s sales team seeks out new companies who can benefit from its technology. Its sales team uses a combination of phone calls and emails to attract interest from professionals with a particular demographic and company profile. Despite great product interest, Virtuozzo’s sales team was looking for any tools to help increase customer engagement. They found KZO Drive.


Virtuozzo decided to incorporate video into its sales mix. As a user, Virtuozzo was able to use KZO Drive for KZO Drive for allows Virtuozzo’s sales people to utilize a library of video assets (powered by the KZO platform), append personalized video clips, and simply drag and drop a thumbnail and link of the video into an email.

By using the KZO Drive tool, Virtuozzo was able to leverage what they do as a technology company by featuring their prospects’ websites in the videos they sent out. The Virtuozzo team was also able to use the KZO platform to track opens, clicks, and viewing stats of the videos.


Virtuozzo noticed an immediate change in response rates. According to Dan Harding, Senior Director of Sales, “Prospects responded 3x more since we started incorporating KZO Drive in our sales process.” The response was so strong that Virtuozzo began using KZO Drive to improve retention with existing customers and to educate active users with new tips and features.

Additionally, Virtuozzo supports many cloud offerings provided by its partners. Using KZO Drive, the Virtuozzo sales team is able to focus their conversations on key solutions offered by its partners and speak in their terms to drive home the benefits of Virtuozzo. By leveraging KZO Drive, the team is able to dramatically reduce the time to create and share compelling, consumer centric presentations. KZO Drive is now an intricate part of Virtuozzo’s sales process moving forward.