Grow Revenue through More Meaningful Communication

The visual and emotional impact of video is a powerful selling tool and a staple of online learning methods. Sales enablement leaders rely on KZO Video Suite to ensure their staff can easily search and access videos instantly, through their existing environments as well as on mobile devices.


Sales trainers and product managers communicate high-impact video presentations for the field with KZO’s video capture and content management capabilities. Sales teams and channel partners search, view  as well as share sales videos.  Engage your customers using social video that sets you apart from the competition.

Benefits for Sales Programs


Reduce Sales Cycle Length & Increase Customer Engagement

Video presentations targeted at prospects and customers are accessible anytime on desktop and mobile devices to increase awareness of your company as well as product. Viewers have an opportunity to self-qualify their interest by watching videos, downloading relevant slides or other accompanying collateral, and engaging in Q&A with your company prior to interacting with a sales rep.

Improve Access to Video Presentations for Sales

Trainers, Product Managers and Sales Managers record video online, ensuring important information is communicated in less time with lower content creation cost. Updates are instantly searchable as well as accessible so viewers find exactly what they need and spend less time digging for resources.

Decrease Time Spent in Live Training & Improve Sales Team Communication

Onboard sales reps and channel partners and keep them up-to-date with online video presentations they can access on-demand, anytime and anywhere. Social commenting features encourage viewers to post questions as well as comments directly to trainers and colleagues while viewing, reducing the need for so many live training webinars and returning valuable selling time back to the field.

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Sales Training & Communications Use Cases


Knowledge Management for Sales & Channels On-the-Go

Product Managers, Sales Trainers and SME’s have the flexibility to capture and distribute video presentations with more comprehensive information to arm their sales teams, including synchronized slides, links to white papers which are a direct communication channel to ask questions and share comments with experts as well as other viewers. Videos are uploaded or newly recorded into a searchable video library that can be integrated with  for just-in-time access from most devices.


Customer Communication & Demand Generation

The KZO Video Suite’s online video player sets you apart from the competition with social commenting features that help you talk with your target audience, not at them. Engage viewers with enriched videos that provide a truly interactive experience when connecting viewers to real people and not just slides. Track viewer data and start using online video presentations to build trust as well as convert business faster. Looking for more information? Read about video for Sales Enablement

KZO Video Suite App for

KZO’s App provides secure just-in-time access, social video collaboration, and full metrics tracking within the system sales reps already use. KZO Video Suite can also be integrated with other CRMs and applications.

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