Streamlined Video Management with Maximum Search

Streamline tools for knowledge capture, dynamic content management and video sharing with the KZO Video Suite. Whether you have dozens or just one knowledge sharing environment, the KZO Video Suite will function as the video backbone for integration with any combination of existing applications.  


KZO makes moment-in-time search possible for any video or voice-over through advanced indexing features. Search to the spoken word when required, and still provide robust search indexing for videos that don’t need to be transcribed. Searchable metadata is added and updated by content owners as needed, and continues to build organically as viewers post time-stamped comments that become part of the knowledge management search data.

Benefits for Video Management Software

Reduce Cost of Video Transcription and Search

Take control of video indexing for granular, moment-in-time search results without incurring the high cost of unnecessary video transcription. Any content owner can add Chapter titles, post FAQs in the video player discussion forum, and upload Closed Captioning files in English or other languages to provide detailed video indexing without any intervention from a vendor. Accompanying PDFs and PowerPoint decks are also parsed and indexed automatically, providing a comprehensive set of search results for video and related content.

Increase Knowledge Sharing Opportunities

Embeddable widgets enable any individual or group to capture new video, upload existing files and manage content anytime, anywhere. Social sharing options ensure content is distributed to the right audience with the appropriate access control. Social commenting features built into the online video player provide viewers with a feedback mechanism to continually share knowledge in an iterative content indexing process.

Improve Version Control of On-Demand Recordings

Support video distribution to multiple enterprise applications simultaneously from one KZO platform. Once content is shared or embedded within another system, updates are made centrally on the KZO Video Suite and are reflected immediately for all viewers through existing share links or embedded objects. Ensuring that everyone receives the most updated information has never been simpler. Download KZO Overview Doc

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Knowledge Capture & Media Management Uses


Capture and Share Institutional Knowledge

Grant permission for any group or individual to capture new content or upload existing files for knowledge management. Content owners lend added context to any recording by time-synchronizing slide decks, attaching Closed Captioning files, indexing videos with Chapter bookmarks, posting relevant links, and responding to viewer comments. All content is parsed and becomes searchable to the exact moment-in-time that it is synchronized with the video, providing robust and specific video search data across the entire enterprise video platform.


Centralize and Streamline Video Management

Distribute recorded content to existing enterprise applications, including LMS’, SharePoint, Jive, LinkedIn, Twitter and from a centralized enterprise video platform. For a contained video content management strategy, restrict access to administrative functions. Privileges can also be assigned to groups or individuals to help business units become self-sufficient with video. In either case, all videos will have standardized encoding and consistent metadata formats. Support the video needs of any group by enabling users to upload existing recordings from any source, choose distribution options for public or private audiences, and select any variation of the online video player to optimize content for specific audiences and use cases.

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KZO Video Suite Widgets Provide Instant Video Integration

iFrames provide video capabilities to existing portals for a seamless user experience, without extensive integration. More complex integration is available to achieve Single Sign On, metric data sharing and search to better leverage video in your knowledge management strategy.

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