Engaging Video Presentations for Learning

On-demand video delivers the most information, with the highest impact, in the least amount of time with KZO Video Suite. Create timely online training presentations for learners who expect more than outdated voice-overs and mandatory mouse clicks disguised as “interactivity.”  


KZO video presentations enable learners to interact with colleagues and trainers through social commenting features built into the online video player. Specific to each video, this asynchronous discussion forum opens the door to a social, self-paced learning experience that extends shelf life of on-demand content, getting more out of your investment in video for eLearning or mobile learning.

Benefits for Learning & Development Programs


Improve Access to Content & Track Metrics

Video presentations can be launched from a direct link, searched for in the video platform library, or accessed through any existing enterprise application for mobile learning. Regardless of the viewer’s access point, metric data is tracked in detail to measure completion and report results.

Improve Engagement & Reduce Time Spent on Live Sessions

Stay connected asynchronously, transforming the on-demand video experience from a one-way push of information to a valuable forum for Q&A and knowledge transfer. Video presentations are interactive, but prerecorded – so you can reduce the need for so many synchronous online training sessions.

Easily Manage Video Content for Learning: Create & Update Online

Any trainer or subject matter expert can make changes to existing video presentations or create training at any time, from any browser. Updates are reflected instantly for all viewers, improving version control, even when content has already been distributed.

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Formal and Informal Learning Use Cases


Use with Any Learning Management System

Learning teams rapidly develop online presentations and mobile learning content to put information in front of the learner, when and where it’s most convenient. Synchronize slides, index videos into Chapters, link to related resources and display it all in one integrated  online video player. Social features let viewers share questions and comments, with visual pinpoints for specific areas of the screen to provide context. Email notifications drive experts and viewers back to the video presentations.


Build a Just-in-Time Video Library

Trainers and SME’s can control the flow of content, or allow access for any individual or group to build a library of user-generated content. The searchable on-demand library is permission controlled and organized into Communities of Interest to target specific video presentations separately to employees, partners, channels and customers. Single Sign On, social media integration and other flexible features ensure easy administration.

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KZO Video Suite tracks SCORM and AICC Compliant Metrics

Link or embed online video presentations to be tracked through any LMS for SCORM and AICC compliance. Integration options range from out-of-the-box SCORM wrappers to custom metrics tracking and Single Sign On.

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