Enterprise Video that is Social AND Controlled

On-demand video is a cost effective solution to distribute a consistent message to a global audience. Without the right technology at hand, it can also be a time-consuming, administrative nightmare. The KZO Video Suite a powerful online video platform that is user-friendly and secure, so Corporate Communications teams can maintain control of their content with less intervention from IT and still ensure videos are timely, optimized for mobile and always secure.  


When a top-down push of communication isn’t enough, KZO’s online video player is used to transform on-demand video from a one-way communication tool to a forum for feedback and collaboration from viewers. Through the power of social video, company leaders can gain insight from the field – a valuable source of information and audience sentiment.

Benefits for Corporate Communications Programs

socialize_questionExtend Shelf Life & Improve Context of Videos Over Time

Increase the ROI of video content and your enterprise video platform by making content more relevant, searchable, and valuable to viewers through the use of accompanying slides or images, Chapters, hyperlinks to relevant resources and time-stamped viewer comments. The more each video is commented on, the more searchable it becomes as conversation builds around the content organically over time.

Improve Video Accessibility & Increase Viewer Engagement

Email and RSS feeds alert content owners and viewers of new activity and updated content, driving participation and encouraging discussion about video presentations. Embeddable objects, Share Links and integration options help to easily weave video throughout existing enterprise applications for faster user adoption and seamless access.

Decrease Frustration & Time Spent on Video Content Management

Group and role-based permissions enable business units to upload and manage their own video content, when and where they need to on one central video platform for consistency, master admin visibility and approval controls. Determine what specific groups or individuals have permission to see, including internal departments, external partners or other public audiences.

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Internal & External Communication Use Cases


Employee Communications & Marketing

Provide flexible video content management, security and easy customization on a video-by-video basis. Drive audience engagement with detailed video search results and a streaming online video player that displays synchronized slides, links to relevant resources and time-stamped user comments as one interactive video player object.


Extended Enterprise

On-demand video presentations and social features have value beyond knowledge sharing among employees. Open KZO video presentations to the extended members of your community including partners, vendors, customers and other stakeholders. Public video sharing options, embeddable players and search widgets, and threaded discussion forums engage your external audiences for important feedback, questions and commentary. Looking for more information? Read about video for Corporate Communications

KZO Video Suite Social Integrations

Bolster social engagement and video sharing by integrating KZO’s online video platform with Yammer, Chatter, Jive, Socialtext, SharePoint, Twitter, LinkedIn and other options.

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