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Steps to your Best Live Video

An increasing number of companies are beginning to integrate video into their training and communications programs. While video in the workplace can be a valuable tool, it also introduces security concerns regarding the transmission of sensitive information both inside the company and out. There are… Continue Reading →

Jul 24

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engaging video content with memory

Earlier this week, George Washington School of Political Management adjunct professor Jonathan Halls gave a webcast on how to structure video content in a way that makes your message engaging and memorable for viewers. He addresses engaging video content structuring in four parts: 1. Fundamentals… Continue Reading →

Jul 22

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video knowledge management transcript

When using video as a tool to educate and inform both employees and clients, it is very important to maintain control of the content for security, accuracy, and effectiveness of the message. The KZO Video Suite can help you achieve these objectives and provide amazing video benefits that… Continue Reading →

Jul 17

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how to create how quality video cameras

5 Steps to Top Shots: How to Create High Quality Video Once you have  purchased the right high quality video camera , you’ll want to focus on how to use that camera to create high quality, professional-looking shots. Poor camera work appears amateurish, and is distracting from the video’s message. Follow these… Continue Reading →

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