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At KZO Innovations we get a lot of questions from customers on how to produce a professional enterprise video. KZO has a library of manuals and videos to support our clients in the production of enterprise video. To introduce you to enterprise video production, we made a list of tips and basic advice on how to put together a quality organizational video. This list is outlined in an easy to use infographic. The infographic divides the video making process up into three sections: pre-production, production and post-production.

In each section, we outline the basic steps and key elements needed to accomplish each part of the process. We hope you enjoy this infographic and use it to plan your next enterprise video. Feel free to share this infographic with anyone who can benefit from this information.

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Co-Founded KZO and oversees the Solutions Organization that develops and deploys customized solutions and implementations of the KZO Platform with commercial and government customers.

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